Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today's make up

Today I went for a simple neutral look I usually go for a simple look anyway but today was really simple! 
Products pictured: 
• Revlon color stay foundation
• MAC pro longwear concealer 
• cover girl pressed powder
• NYX blush in Mocha 
• Maybeline theNUDES palette 
• ELF Black gel liner 
• MAC lipstick in Brave 

• Mascara by Wet n wild

      As stated in one of my previous post the Revlon foundation is my GO TO foundation but I've really been wanting to try the Make up forever HD foundation that's on my list next. I have a feeling I'll really like it based on the reviews I have seen. 
      Now as far as the pressed powder I DO NOT use this often! I only used this because I had it on hand. I don't like using pressed powders that are the same color as my skin tone (if that made sense 😩) simply because I feel like it can look cakey sometimes. I like to use a decent amount if powder to set my foundation and the kind I usually use is the ELF translucent powder but I ran out sadly lol anywho I hope you beauties are having a wonderful Saturday and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! 💕

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Update on baby!

Where to start? Hmm... Well, aside from the daily sickness during my first trimester I am 4 months as of yesterday 12/2! Now that I'm in my second trimester the sickness has went away not completely but it's much ore tolerable then it was. Now I'm just really really sleepy every single day people tell me I better enjoy that cause by the time my last trimester is here I will be feeling all symptoms. I hope not but we will see! I feel like now that my bump has started to pop I have a butt in the front and the back lol but it's more then worth it! I can't wait to meet my little monkey. She's already moving around it's true what they say it does feel like butterflies or fish swimming it's beyond exciting!!! I have been on Pinterest like CRAZY that's my go to website whenever I need inspiration my main goal is to keep the nursery as neutral as possible with hints of pink (if it's a girl) and blue (if it's a boy). My due date is May 19th and I'm beyond anxious to meet my baby!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And baby makes three!

So for the past few weeks I haven't really been feeling any different and by different I mean pregnancy symptoms. The only thing I felt was my boobs were feeling very tender and I figured it was nothing but then again they never feel that way. So I decided to go ahead and take a pregnancy test. I used the Clear Blue brand. So I took it and walked around the house doing miscellaneous household things and came back to the bathroom to see that it said PREGNANT! I'm sure as any other mommy to be knows I was shocked!!! I couldn't believe it for the longest I thought I couldn't have kids so that was part of my shock. After that test I ran to Walmart and bought another test which both said pregnant.

You would think I would've gotten the hint but I went and bought another test and they also said pregnant. 

I then made a doctors appointment because I wanted to hear it from them. It was the longest process just to get a pregnancy test but I got it and it of course said positive!

After that they told me to make an appointment with an ob/gyn to follow up on things, see how far along I am, try to get an ultra-sound etc...

Once I did that the lady who made my appointment explained to me that they couldn't see me until I am 7 weeks so right now I figure I am about 5-6 weeks. 

Since my appointment wasn't for a couple weeks she told me I would need some over the counter PreNatal vitamins. I stopped by my local Walgreens and picked up the easiest to swallow/best tasting looking vitamins. I picked up the VitaFusion brand their gunmies which makes it even better and their lemon and raspberry lemonade flavor. 

This is only my second day taking them and I still feel no different. No pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. I feel like if I never took the test I never would've known lol. I'm really glad I did though so I can start talking to my doctor and get some actual prescribed PreNatal vitamins. 

Words cannot explain how excited and happy I am to be able to bring life into this world. I can't wait to get my little one in my arms. I will update you guys through out the whole process if I can! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My all time favorite foundation!

This is the Revlon ColorStay foundation. By far my favorite drugstore foundation of all time! I am in the shade 400 caramel and if it's one thing I love is that it matches my skin tone to the T! Like beyond perfect.

 I would definitely say it is a medium coverage foundation and is build-able for extra coverage. It's not to heavy but it's also not light either. I would say its in between. It's not a cakey feeling foundation. Now what I will say is your really have to apply this perfectly! It sets really fast so as soon as you put it on your face you really have to work it in quickly (Please don't forget to BLEND). I've tried this with a beauty blender, and all types of foundation brushes I found that what works best for me with this foundation is a flat top kabuki brush. 

I've never been an SPF freak when it comes to foundations because I'm never really doing outside activities but if you are you might want to do some research about this product because it doesn't say rather or not is. Also this particular one that I have is for combination/oily skin. My skin is def combination and that's probably why I love this foundation because it's fit for my particular skin type but they also have one with a plastic top around it that's for dry skin. So do not fret ladies!  

I have tried many drug store foundations but I find myself navigating right back to this one at the end if the day. I've been buying this exact product since mid 2012. So that tells you a lot right there. 

You can purchase it pretty much at any drugstore walmart is most affordable, target, CVS. Walgreen etc. it retails roughly around $9.99. Until I find a better drugstore foundation this will be my holy grail so go get you some! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Celine inspired bag

Hello love bugs. Today's post is just a simple way of telling you that you don't have to break the bank to be stylish! I recently purchased this black and white Celine inspired bag from Ross. My bag $25.99 Celine bag over $1,000! 
You can find super cute peices to put together at Ross, tj maxx, Marshall's etc. Don't be the girl with a $1,000 bag that doesn't have $1,000 in it ;) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Very affordable everyday make up look!

So I'm sure most of you have heard of a popular make up brand called E.L.F which stands for Eyes Lips Face. They have very inexpensive yet very great quality make up! This particular eyeshadow palette is called Day 2 Night. Let me tell you when I say I'm in love I am in LOVE!!! This palette comes with four small shadows ivory, dark purple, dark green and golden/bronze color. I feel like you can create a gorgeous everyday look with this, along with their eyeshadow brushes I have an everyday eyeshadow brush and a blending brush, and they all work well together. The eyeshadows you can really get away with wearing without a primer (I still highly recommend you use a primer). I will try to post pictures with one of my signature looks using this gorgeous palette. The total cost for this is $3 and if you are a beginner in make up or looking for affordable make up for everyday you should try these products which can be found at Target, Walmart and hope this was helpful to you dolls!